The Top 3 Albums of 2016

Fuck 2016. You took Princess Leia, you took our faith in democracy and you took my guts away. Last year, I ranted about the crap music I hated in 2015 but things are different now. I look back over the past 12 months and, in between the hospital flashbacks and crushing pessimism for the future of humanity, there’s a handful of albums that I thought were brilliant. Here’s my Top 3. Continue reading

Review: The Pretty Things at Sensataria, Dec 2015

Digbeth’s Boxxed venue was adorned with the finest psychedelic, Triassic and yuletide decorations for another Sensataria event on Saturday. A diverse crowd combined people reliving past glories of the psychedelic age and a younger demographic trading on borrowed nostalgia.

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5 Ways that Music Let me Down in 2015

Most places have got their annual retrospective lists published before they’ve even dipped their toe into the icy waters of December. That doesn’t make sense to me, and a lot of those “Albums of 2015”-type lists are generally positive. Now that 2015 is completely behind us, here’s a rundown of what made me fed up about music in the past 12 months. Continue reading


Never stand up when you can sit down. And never sit down when you can lie down.

I imagine bathing and grooming beyond The Final Frontier would be a quick and efficient process, like slip-on shoes or Amazon lockers. This is to assume that, by the time humanity reaches further out into space, we have not evolved beyond the need for bathing (either by losing our stink-producing capabilities or by evolving beyond being bothered by human stink).

Lush seems to think otherwise. Continue reading