At the nexus where Sabbath, Stooges and King Crimson meet exists II, the second album from aptly named Fuzz and one of the most exciting records to be released since their eponymous debut.

II is more sonically diverse than their initial release. Where Fuzz sounded like a live session, this time we have a more crafted album (yet still rough and fuzzy around the edges) and a subtle yet noticeable shift in sonic ethos. The instrumental breaks and jams are more reminiscent of Barrett-era Floyd and early prog than the first wave heavy metal feel to much of the first album.

No prizes for guessing what their favourite guitar pedals are

It’s many of the song structures that harken back to the days when heavy metal was a toddler. Dramatic and dynamic shifts make songs like ‘Say Hello’ sound like something Sabbath wish they’d have written. Fuzz’s contemporaries Wand have adopted a more experimental and electronic sound on their newest album 1000 Days and Fuzz have taken their brand of punky improvisational psych rock a little way down the same path on II, sparingly using synths to add colour and polish to appropriate parts of the album.

Fuzz have always worn their influences on their sleeve and yet keep managing to sound fresh and innovative as well as familiar. II lacks the punch and immediacy of the debut, but the energy, musicianship and surprisingly catchy hooks have all been carried forward.

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